Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Interview with an Artist: Sabine Andrea Bohnert

"Hard Wired - Abstract Sterling Silver Pendant - Necklace"

"Misty - Whimsical Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace With Amethyst And Bezel Set Carnelian"

Me: What do you design and how would you describe your design aesthetic?
Sabine: I am not sure if I have a specific style of jewelry. I love simple, uncluttered jewelry and the combining of organic shapes with precious or semi-precious stones.

Me: What inspires you?
Sabine: I mainly get inspired by my surroundings. The rugged northern Norwegian rawness and beauty of its nature. Also, since having moved to Norway I find the arctic light situation quite interesting. The darkness from the end of October until late February really makes me want to basically live in my studio because I find it extremely cozy and inspiring to be inside when it’s dark and snowy out. The summer on the other hand makes me want to take my camera everywhere with me. I love shooting nature photography and you can often find me in the local botanical garden where I love to sit and observe all the beautiful arctic botanicals. My designs tend to differ actually quite a bit during those different seasons. Right now I like keeping things nice and brightly polished whereas in the winter I tend to want create mystical and oxidized designs.

Me: When did you start doing what you’re doing?
Sabine: I have been making jewelry off and on since I was in my late teens and have started metalsmithing about 5 years ago.

Me: What are you working on now?
Sabine: I am working on some inspirational designs and some rough and rugged pieces that I think will turn out really nice.

Me: How do customers react to your product?
Sabine: I have been extremely lucky with the customers I have had so far. They seem to like my product. I have a 100% positive feedback in my Etsy shop and hopefully that is a sign of satisfied customers.

Me: What is you favorite item you offer for sale now?
Sabine: That is like having three kids and then trying to pick out a favorite:-) That is a tough one since I put so many different emotions and feelings into each piece. I really love my "Yo´Jeans" - Lapis pendant necklace and my "Another fallen star" - molten sterling silver pebble pendant necklace.

"Another Falling Star - Sterling Silver Molten Pendant Necklace"

"Yo' Jeans - Lapis Necklace"

Me: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Sabine: I just want people to know that I absolutely love what I do and strive to make great quality products.

For more items visit:
Sabine A. Jewelry Design

Monday, April 27, 2009

Interview with an Artist: Jeannine Komush

"Brass and Sterling O - A Pendant"


Me: What do you design and how would you describe your design aesthetic?
Jeannine: I design jewelry from copper, brass, sterling silver, and steel, incorporating semi-precious stones and vintage materials. It might sound odd, but I think of my design aesthetic as "things being slightly off." By which I mean I like asymmetry, the pretty (like sparkly stones) mixed with the rough (like steel wire), scratched up metals. The natural world looked at through the lens of jewelry design: it seems like chaos, it's a bit messy at times, but all the pieces of the whole work together in a symbiotic relationship.

Me: What inspires you?
Jeannine: Gosh, when I hear this question, my immediate answer is "everything!" Old, broken down, rusty things inspire me. Insects and animals and the natural world. The way light reflects off of puddles. Sunsets. Sunrises. Everyday people and their amazing styles. I'll see an empty urban lot full of wildflowers and think "I want to capture that in a necklace" and then I'll strive to do just that, sometimes successfully. Sometimes a design will start out inspired by one thing, like a swallowtail butterfly but end up more reminiscent of, say, a stormy sky.

Me: When did you start doing what you’re doing?
Jeannine: I started making jewelry about 6 or 7 years ago. When I first started out it was mainly beadwork with some wire-wrapping. Eventually I was making these massive beaded necklaces that were heavy and elaborate. It took guts to wear them because you would be noticed! It was just about 2 or 3 years ago that I started to get into metal work. My designs now are a bit more stripped down, a bit more minimalist.

Me: What are you working on now?
Jeannine: Right now I'm working on lots of mixed metal pieces, some incorporating steel. Steel and sterling has become my new favorite combination of metals. I'm also experimenting with different textures and patinas too. Texture has this way of completely changing the way a piece of jewelry makes you feel.

Me: How do customers react to your product?
Jeannine: Customers seem to appreciate the subtle uniqueness of my pieces. They like that they are easy to wear but still not just like everything else you see in the jewelry world. A lot of my customers also seem to love mixed metals, which I do a lot of. I have a difficult time making a piece that doesn't incorporate mixed metals in one way or another!

Me: What is you favorite item you offer for sale now?
Jeannine: My favorite piece right now is my "Secret Garden Pendant". It's a very wearable piece but harkens back to my love of elaborate, slightly mixed up jewelry. I love the way the copper flowers are sort of haphazardly layered on top of each other. It's a bit chaotic, just like a field of flowers, or an unkempt garden!

"Secret Garden"

Me: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Jeannine: Advice for other artists: remember why you do what you do. I think this is especially important to keep in mind if you're going to make your work to sell. Don't loose touch with what's important to you. And make time to get out of the studio! Inspiration comes from living a balanced life, getting out and experiencing the world.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Interview with an Artist: Dawn Rozakis



Me: What do you design and how would you describe your design aesthetic?
Dawn: I design Steampunk jewelry and accessories that infuse my favorite elements of Victorian and Gothic Lolita styles within them.

Me: What inspires you?
Dawn: Japanese youth culture, especially the harajuku and gothic lolita fashion movements that have made their way to the US. Steampunk has also been incredibly inspirational, both aesthetically and in its strong spirit of creation - the "do-it-yourself" mentality.

Me: When did you start doing what you’re doing?
Dawn: I've been making jewelry for about 6 years now.

Me: What are you working on now?
Dawn: I am working on a new jewelry line, called GhostLove. My web site, http://www.ghostlove.com, will be launching June 15th. This line will include 8 unique collections - everything from gothic lolita, Victorian, and steampunk to dark macabre and kawaii.

Me: How do customers react to your product?
Dawn: I get amazing feedback - all positive. People always tell me how unique my designs are.

Me: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Dawn: YES. Lately, there has been a lot of nasty drama within the steampunk community, particularly on etsy. Certain artists have an unfounded heir of entitlement because they have been making steampunk jewelry longer and deliberately try to alienate the rest of us. I feel very strongly that etsy is and should always remain a community and we should support one another, not behave like wolves fighting over a meal.

Me. What is your favorite item you offer for sale now?
Dawn: Right now, I think my favorite item is called "The House of Victoria". It's a gorgeous gothic lolita inspired ribbon brooch with a vintage Elgin pocket watch movement in the center.

"The House of Victoria"

For more items please visit: The Steampunk Sweet Shoppe

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Interview with an Artist: David Still



Me: What do you design and how would you describe your design aesthetic?
David: I design jewelry with hints of many things past and present, the heavy metals of medieval times, the delicate taste of the Victorian era, and the futuristic beauty of today’s modern marvels. I would describe my design aesthetic as very industrial with a twist of mythological fantasy. I love to create jewelry and accessories to tempt the mind to explore all realms of possibility.

Me: What inspires you?
David: I am most definitely inspired by the weather. I know, it might sound a bit odd, but in all actuality the current weather can set the tone for the day. It’s kind of like music, sadder slower songs tend to invoke emotions of sorrow or want, while faster more up tempo songs can inspire a happier more dedicated, go-getting attitude. The rain also has a big influence on my creative process. It’s kind of like tears from heaven, divine drops of inspiration falling on my skin and soaking into my pores rousing up the creative beings from within to help me form an original masterpiece. Gotta love it!

Me: When did you start doing what you’re doing?
David: For as long as I can remember I have been tinkering with odds and ends to create whatever I thought was beautiful, I took EVERYTHING apart. Now in my adult years, I have been creating and selling jewelry and accessories professionally for close to 3 years.

Me: What are you working on now?
David: Currently I am working on a line of custom industrial bracelets and necklaces featuring heavy chains, sterling silver, and thick solid metals that will ring very true to the rocker lifestyle. Make sure to stay tuned!

Me: How do customers react to your product?
David: I love my customers, and the feeling I get from their reactions to my pieces are unrivaled. They seem to appreciate the originality of their specific piece of jewelry, and the thought that goes into its creation. Even though what I make tends to reflect my own personal tastes, I do very much take into account the needs and wants of my customers. Everything I do is for the people. I live for the people, and it brings me great joy to hear that they are more than pleased with their purchase.

Me: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
David: I would like to share with you the quote I shared with the handmade community when I took the handmade pledge;“INSPIRING GREATNESS FROM THE HANDS IN WHICH LIFE TAKES PRIDE FILLS HUMANITY WITH PRIDE ITSELF."

Me: What is you favorite item you offer for sale now?
David: Wow this is a tough one, but if I had to choose my favorite item for sale at the moment it would be “The Clock Works Orange” That is the piece that best represents my overall style, heavy metals, the contrast of light and dark, and the fusion of modern industrial, and mythological fantasy.

"The Clock Works Orange Brass Hematite and Silver Industrial SteamPunk Necklace"

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Interview with an Artist: Jesse Danger

"Dragonfly Wing Ring"

"Eco-Silver and 22kt Gold Ring"

Me: What do you design and how would you describe your design aesthetic?
Danger: I design primarily modern style jewelry made from recycled metals. I try to design pieces that are good everyday pieces and some that are more elaborate special occasion pieces as well. I’ll work in any type of metal as well from Copper and silver to high karat gold and platinum. Certain pieces beg to be made of certain metals.My aesthetic is definitely crisp and clean lines with soft finishes, a very minimalist approach.

Me: What inspires you?
Danger: I’m inspired by so many things! Looking through my pieces there is a strong focus on natural shapes and patterns; dragonflies, lemongrass, wood-grain. Asian art and aesthetics have always been a huge influence on my work as well.

Me: You are working mainly with recycled metals. What inspired you to do so?
Danger: Mining metals is a massive and invasive process; I really wanted to create jewelry but wanted to do so in a responsible manner. I decided to analyze all the materials and chemicals used to be in my business, and in doing so find the cleanest, safest and greenest ways to create jewelry.

Me: When did you start doing what you’re doing?
Danger: I started designing and selling jewelry in the fall of 2007; I began working in metal about 5 years ago.

Me: What are you working on now?
Danger: Right now I’m getting into pieces with gemstones. I really enjoy making rings, so I have a ton of new ring designs coming together soon.

Me: How do customers react to your product?
Danger: People really love the clean and delicate aspect of my work, and the attention to detail that I give every piece. I also hear from people that everything is very easy and comfortable to wear, which is always great!

Me: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Danger: I try to create work that I like and enjoy, and hope that it stands out from the rest.

Me: What is you favorite item you offer for sale now?
Danger: My favorites are still the dragonfly pieces and the dragonfly sculpture itself. The wing pieces just came out so nicely, and they really stand out with people. I’ll be working on some wings in different colors of gold and maybe mix in a few stone as well.

For more items please visit: JesseDanger

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Every artist has their own building blocks. Some artists like to use components that they create themselves, while others prefer using found objects. Let see what’s happening out there.

“Industrial Beaded Bead Pendant” by Firephoenixjewellery is such a unique piece of jewelry. The designer created a striking and innovative pendant using mainly stainless steel nuts.

“Abalone Spike Drop Choker” by Designsbyamber is a special kind of jewelry. The artists used a few types of beads linked together in this creation. However, there are so many ways to wear this piece, and it all depends on how the wearer decides to link the choker ends. I highly recommend visiting this online store to see more options suggested by the designer.

“The Peace Around the World Pendant” by Isajul is a powerful piece. There is something basic about the metal pieces, the letters and the joints. I think that this simplicity makes such a strong statement, just like the message behind this pendant. It’s Fantastic!

I could stare at
“22k and Sterling Silver Bracelet with Yellow Helenite gemstone” by Larryjohnprobst for hours! Each link of this bracelet is well designed and crafted. Together the components create a stunning piece of jewelry!

Inspired by Picasso

One of my all time favorite artists is Pablo Picasso. So I have decided to start a little journey and see how artists and designers express their admiration to Picasso.

“Picasso Sculptural Necklace” by taylorseclectic is a rich unique Jewelry piece. The line quality and colors in this design are very powerful. I have to admit that I have never seen anything like this!

I love “Picasso Fish - Sterling Silver Earrings” by sophiapip. It demonstrates simplicity and attention to details. The brush stoke quality adds dimension and movement.

“Blue and Gold Murano Glass Earrings” By Studiohart is a playful piece. It’s a beautiful celebration of color (obviously!), line and texture. Many people think that abstract art is too serious and sometimes even dark, but this piece shows the fun side of it.