Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Every artist has their own building blocks. Some artists like to use components that they create themselves, while others prefer using found objects. Let see what’s happening out there.

“Industrial Beaded Bead Pendant” by Firephoenixjewellery is such a unique piece of jewelry. The designer created a striking and innovative pendant using mainly stainless steel nuts.

“Abalone Spike Drop Choker” by Designsbyamber is a special kind of jewelry. The artists used a few types of beads linked together in this creation. However, there are so many ways to wear this piece, and it all depends on how the wearer decides to link the choker ends. I highly recommend visiting this online store to see more options suggested by the designer.

“The Peace Around the World Pendant” by Isajul is a powerful piece. There is something basic about the metal pieces, the letters and the joints. I think that this simplicity makes such a strong statement, just like the message behind this pendant. It’s Fantastic!

I could stare at
“22k and Sterling Silver Bracelet with Yellow Helenite gemstone” by Larryjohnprobst for hours! Each link of this bracelet is well designed and crafted. Together the components create a stunning piece of jewelry!

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  1. Thanks for including my piece!
    The pieces you chose are really fresh and new.
    great start to your new blog.