Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Interview with an Artist: Jesse Danger

"Dragonfly Wing Ring"

"Eco-Silver and 22kt Gold Ring"

Me: What do you design and how would you describe your design aesthetic?
Danger: I design primarily modern style jewelry made from recycled metals. I try to design pieces that are good everyday pieces and some that are more elaborate special occasion pieces as well. I’ll work in any type of metal as well from Copper and silver to high karat gold and platinum. Certain pieces beg to be made of certain metals.My aesthetic is definitely crisp and clean lines with soft finishes, a very minimalist approach.

Me: What inspires you?
Danger: I’m inspired by so many things! Looking through my pieces there is a strong focus on natural shapes and patterns; dragonflies, lemongrass, wood-grain. Asian art and aesthetics have always been a huge influence on my work as well.

Me: You are working mainly with recycled metals. What inspired you to do so?
Danger: Mining metals is a massive and invasive process; I really wanted to create jewelry but wanted to do so in a responsible manner. I decided to analyze all the materials and chemicals used to be in my business, and in doing so find the cleanest, safest and greenest ways to create jewelry.

Me: When did you start doing what you’re doing?
Danger: I started designing and selling jewelry in the fall of 2007; I began working in metal about 5 years ago.

Me: What are you working on now?
Danger: Right now I’m getting into pieces with gemstones. I really enjoy making rings, so I have a ton of new ring designs coming together soon.

Me: How do customers react to your product?
Danger: People really love the clean and delicate aspect of my work, and the attention to detail that I give every piece. I also hear from people that everything is very easy and comfortable to wear, which is always great!

Me: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Danger: I try to create work that I like and enjoy, and hope that it stands out from the rest.

Me: What is you favorite item you offer for sale now?
Danger: My favorites are still the dragonfly pieces and the dragonfly sculpture itself. The wing pieces just came out so nicely, and they really stand out with people. I’ll be working on some wings in different colors of gold and maybe mix in a few stone as well.

For more items please visit: JesseDanger

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