Monday, April 20, 2009

Planet of Plants

Nature and art go hand in hand. Artist always find nature inspiring. I was looking for unique and interesting designs that represent plants in particular. Nature is not just beautiful. Preserving what nature has to offer us is so vital to our existence.

“Sterling Silver Black Onyx Tree of Life Bracelet” by Shellamie is an elegant representation of a tree. I love how delicate yet powerful it is.

“Leaves” by NinaGibsonDesigns is a pair of sterling silver earrings. I find it beautiful how the artist simplified the structure and shape of the leaves, creating an interesting contrast to realistic leaves.

“Sterling Silver Pansy Cuff Bracelet” by TheSilverLakeStudio is a bold piece of Jewelry. The craftsmanship and the attention to details and lines are so intriguing. In my mind, this is true art!

“Silver and concrete lime” by Lulubugjewelry is a simply fun piece. When I think of silver and concrete I get a gloomy image in my mind. I would never imagine that these two materials can be combined into such a playful piece. I love being surprised!

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